Come Join the TTA, Learn to be a better
Taxidermist by competing in competitions and
attending seminars from Master Taxidermists.
We have a lot of fun and fellowship at our annual
Convention and the food is good too. There's
activities for the whole family.

Seminars are a great learning opportunity.  Even
the most seasoned Taxidermist can pick up
easier ways to mount something or tips on how
to save money. By competing and receiving an
in depth critique of your mount, you can  
improve your work and put out high quality
mounts. This  will enable you to charge more
money for your work and give your customers a
trophy they would be proud to hang in their
TTA Shirts Available
Short Sleeves S-XL  $10       2X-3X  $12
long Sleeves S-XL  $17         2X-3X  $20
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Contact Beth Walls
(931) 962-2238
See Event Photos page and
Competition Results page for
the winners of competitions.
Come join us for the 2017 Annual
Convention and Competition
, at Henry
Horton State Park, near Chapel Hill Tennessee
6th and 27th. We  are still working on the schedule
and who will be judging, we hope to have this squared
away real soon.

Last year we had a great show, lets try to make this
year our best ever. We have lots of Awards to give out.  
And don't forget those Critiques you get with each
mount, They're a very important part of competing.  But
even if you aren't competing, come join us for good
food, fellowship and very informative Seminars. Full
schedule and list of seminars coming soon. Hope to see
you all there!!